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Residents of the Los Membreños region happy with their 11 new blocks

They waited more than 40 years, today their dream is a reality and the inhabitants of the Los Membreños region located in District I celebrate it with great joy, upon receiving 11 new blocks from the municipal authorities, built through the Streets for the People Program .

The work using asphalt coating had an investment of 7 million 782 thousand 984 córdobas and directly benefits 865 inhabitants of this sector of Managua, which will guarantee the well-being, safety and health of 174 families who will no longer suffer from poor road conditions. , which was previously on land, shared the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

“As the families said, this is a miracle, a blessing, a dream come true for the community, for the children who go to school, how they spent the winter, the transfer was terrible, because not only children from the Los Membreños, but from the Sol de Libertad region, Félix Pedro Chavarría, from Cruz de Paraíso, at some point were cut off, because this was a riverbed street, this is a completely new street, a work of transformation for families, especially For the brothers who are dedicated to the production of vegetables, fruits, vegetables, all of this is produced in the rural area of the city,” said Rueda.

The residents expressed that it is a great work, a dream of a lifetime and today when they see their new streets, they feel proud to be able to open them.

"For me it is a happiness, I was born and raised here in the community of Los Membreños, I am 62 years old and for me it is a pride that the highway is ready, thanks to the Mayoress, to the Mayor's Office of Managua, because in those days here it was sad in the winter and in the summer the dust, thanks to the Central Government, may God give me health so that they continue building more streets,” said farmer Camilo Membreño.

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