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Families from the Santa Rosa neighborhood inaugurate Streets for the People

The 1,426 families that live in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of District IV received 5 new blocks from the municipal authorities, which were resurfaced by the Streets for the People Program. This stretch of road network had not received maintenance for more than 25 years. With this project, the neighborhood has 100 percent of its streets paved.

When delivering the work for the common good, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado stated that having all the streets paved or asphalted is a real achievement for the families of this community, with an area of 56 blocks and where the Municipality has invested a little more than 13 million córdobas in various projects and has built 63 Decent Homes.

 “The Santa Rosa neighborhood is one of the largest in the district, here we have 4 sectors, with this road improvement project all its streets are served, today we are delivering this resurfacing, there are 5 blocks with an investment of 2.1 million córdobas. We are caring for and bringing well-being through the political will of our Good Government to more than 8,556 brothers and sisters," the capital official reported.

Rueda highlighted that, 3 weeks after starting the Streets for the People Program, 73.24 have been served with an advance of 8.22 percent.

Mrs. Ana Cecilia Alvarado shared her joy at being able to see her entire neighborhood paved, which according to her demonstrates the will of the FSLN central and municipal governments to improve the quality of life of families.

“Our FSLN government has been improving everything, it has built hospitals, schools, new streets, new highways, they have built beautiful bridges and many projects for the youth, wherever you look, the government has done everything, these streets were in disarray, almost They didn't have any asphalt and now look how they turned out, the kids pass through here to go to Experimental México,” said Alvarado.

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