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7 blocks with asphalt coating are executed in the Ayapal neighborhood

For more progress, to live better, authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, carried out a supervision visit for the 7-block asphalt coating project, which is carried out through the Streets for the People Program in the Ayapal neighborhood, located in District III.

The road improvement work will benefit 3,625 inhabitants, with an investment of 2,858,100 córdobas, which will guarantee the well-being and future of 659 families in this community, who will have better access roads and living conditions, said Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, the morning of this Tuesday, January 31.

"Very happy, with the residents of the sector and with the children who are now going to be able to go to school, with these 7 paved streets that we are about to deliver to the population, here in Ayapal a neighborhood that has progressed a lot in recent years, with the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario,” Armas highlighted.

He also pointed out that from 2009 to date, 24 million 352 thousand 532 córdobas have been invested in this sector in road improvement and storm drainage works, as well as the construction of 16 Decent Homes, in restitution of rights to families who lived at risk of vulnerability.

For this year, the Municipality will invest with the Annual Investment Plan in District III, 31 million córdobas in improvement works in the neighborhoods of La Esperanza, Herlinda López, Marvin Marín, Carlos Fonseca, El Jobo, Sierra Maestra, Arges Sequeira, San Judas, Solidaridad, Jorge Casally, Camilo Ortega, among others.

"A project that we had requested, here in the neighborhood several streets have already been built, as a resident I feel satisfied with the work, the progress of the community and the homes acquire more value," said the protagonist Mauricio Ortega.

With these 7 blocks, the Streets for the People Program has progressed by 8.22 percent and ends the month of January with 74 new streets of 880 blocks scheduled for this year 2023, the mayor of the capital concluded.

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