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Start of the Special Plan to improve bus stops in the capital

Following the guidelines of the Good Government, this Monday, January 30, the Municipality began the first stage of the Special Plan for the improvement and rehabilitation of bus stops that have booths.

The Mayor, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, explained that the project contemplates restoring the booths that are most affected, to ensure safety for users of Collective Urban Transportation and merchants who use these stops to start their small businesses.

Rueda explained that there are 221 stops that have booths and to address the damage to the infrastructure of those that are in poor condition, 47 stops will be attended in the first stage of the Special Plan.

"In this maintenance plan, we value that of the 221 that we have at the municipal level, we are going to restore 47 in this first stage, with an investment of 5 million córdobas," reported the mayor of the capital.

The work to renovate the bus stops will be carried out simultaneously in all the districts of Managua, in addition, work will be done on the construction of new stops for families.

“There is a demand and a need for new stops and effectively, in response to that need, we will be creating new stops, one of them that did not exist is in the Sabana Grande area, due to the traffic lights on the rails, we are also going to be creating in the new urbanizations where there is demand, in the Flor de Pino urbanization, where Route 169 serves, we are going to have a stop in the Mayoreo market area, Ariel Darce neighborhood, Blanca Segovia neighborhood and Monte Fresco sector, there are 6 new ones ”, he shared Wheel.

Likewise, he emphasized that they will be guaranteeing security to self-employed workers, who have installed themselves in bus stops throughout the city.

“The work of the Mayor's Office is really exceptional, especially because many of the bus stops are close to the schools and that provides safety for children when waiting for the buses, they are also very useful during the rainy season, now we It's time to take care of them, avoid the accumulation of garbage so that they always look beautiful," said the protagonist, Maribel Rivas.

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