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Capital commune celebrates the Day of Environmental Education

In celebration of Environmental Education Day, the Department of the Environment of the capital city, held an awareness day on the main avenue of Managua, promoting the proper management of solid waste.

The conference was accompanied by the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, who pointed out the importance of cleaning and reducing the use of plastic bags that end up in riverbeds, illegal dumps and bodies of water in the Managua municipality.

"It has to be a constant, permanent practice of continuing to educate ourselves, carrying the message, but above all, taking actions together, because this is a shared responsibility with the population, we see how garbage is thrown when we walk through the streets," said Porras.

This awareness day will be extended all day, along the main roads of the capital and will have more than 500 participants who will be sensitizing drivers to deposit garbage in its place, promoting through the delivery of a cloth bag, the reduction of plastic bags.

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