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Calles para el Pueblo resurfaces 5 blocks in Linda Vista Norte

Municipal authorities and families of Linda Vista Norte, inaugurated on the afternoon of this Wednesday, January 25, 5 blocks of streets resurfaced by the Streets for the People 2023 Program.

The road improvement project had an investment of 1.9 million córdobas and benefited 1,907 protagonists who live in this community of District II.

The Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López, upon delivering the work for the common good, informed the families that this year the Municipality will invest 13 million córdobas in road improvement works with the Annual Investment Plan in District II , storm drainage, sanitary drainage and through the Streets for the People Program, they will invest 13 million more in the construction of 19 blocks in 8 neighborhoods.

“We want to thank God, because it allows us to be giving families one more dream, one more reality, a work of this revolutionary project, having a street in good condition means promoting the health of our family, because we no longer have puddles, We no longer have dust, we do not have potholes and having streets means giving access to ambulances, public transport services, taxis, caponeras, what is required every day by families”, added Porras.

In Linda Vista Norte, the commune has invested a little more than 11 million córdobas, mainly in road improvement projects, practically today its streets are 100 percent covered.

Happy the protagonist Edmundo Aguirre, thanked the Mayor's Office for improving the streets of the community, which guarantees that the population can raise their living standards.

"We want to give thanks for having completed this project, it could be made a reality, for which we can say that Linda Vista Norte has all its streets paved," said Aguirre.

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