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Residents of the Plaza España neighborhood inaugurate road improvement work

The inhabitants of the Plaza España neighborhood, start the year with new streets covered with asphalt, thanks to the Streets for the People Program, which built 4.4 new blocks of road network in this sector of District I of Managua, the work had an investment of 5 million 758 thousand 240 córdobas.

Upon delivering the Common Good work that benefited 1,424 protagonists, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado thanked the community for their patience and trust in this municipal government of Pueblo Mayor.

"In this neighborhood we started with storm drainage and sanitary sewerage that did not exist, it was the first thing that when we met in the assemblies the population demanded, today we feel committed to continue accompanying the families in this restitution of rights, immediate changes, a work that brings so much well-being”, said Rueda.

Also, he shared with the residents that the Municipality invested a little more than 11 million córdobas last year in this neighborhood in two projects that were vital for the community, one of Water and Sanitation and that of Streets for the People.

The families expressed the change they have with their new streets, "it is a benefit because there will no longer be puddles, stones, holes, now we have to take care of them, to live better," said the protagonist Juan Membreño.

For this year, with the 2023 Annual Investment Plan in District I, 33 projects will be executed, with an investment of 43 million córdobas, thanks to the trust of taxpayers, benefiting the neighborhoods: Colinas del Memorial Sandino, Jonathan González, Annex René Cisneros, Hialeah 1st, 2nd stage and 4th stage, Plaza España and the regions of San Isidro de la Cruz Verde, Gracias a Dios and Félix Pedro Chavarría.

At the same time with the Streets for the People Program, a little more than 26 blocks will be built in neighborhoods of District I, with an investment of 38.3 million.


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