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More than 800 blocks will be executed with the Streets for the People 2023 Program

For more development in the capital, on the morning of this Thursday, January 19, Managua authorities launched the Streets for the People 2023 Program, which is projected to serve 880 new blocks in 105 neighborhoods of the 7 districts of Managua, with a total investment of 2 thousand 331 million 949 thousand 333 córdobas.

The presentation of this emblematic street program was carried out by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado in the Vista Xolotlán neighborhood of District VII, where a road improvement work with hydraulic concrete is being carried out in 605 linear meters of streets, guaranteeing well-being and progress to the community.

During this visit, Mayor Rueda explained the Good Government's commitment to continue developing works that contribute to improving the living conditions of Nicaraguan families, such as the Vista Xolotlán neighborhood project, where the storm drainage system was initially installed, to later carry out the road improvement.

With the Streets for the People Program, 781 blocks will be served, through asphalt resurfacing and hydraulic concrete, 99 new blocks will be built, for a total of 880 blocks to be served in the municipality.

Through this 2023 program, the Municipality will carry out 17 projects and 174 paved blocks, in District I; 12 projects and 93 paved blocks, in District II; 13 projects and 127 paved blocks in District III; 18 projects and 114 paved blocks, in District IV, 9 projects and 132 paved blocks in District V; likewise 25 projects and 119 paved blocks in District VI and 20 projects with 120 paved blocks in District VII.

During the presentation, the capital official explained that, in the last 14 years, the Good Government has built 24 Decent Homes in this neighborhood, for the same number of families who lived in precarious conditions and has carried out 7 projects for the Common Good, through construction works. road improvement, sanitary sewerage and storm drainage, with a global investment of 39 million 257 thousand 024 córdobas.

For their part, the residents were happy with the work, which will contribute to improving their living conditions, as stated by Mr. Pedro Castro and Mrs. María Alcalina García, inhabitants of this capital neighborhood.

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