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Theater play "Dario Épico" in the Dariana Day 2023

As a tribute and homage to the Universal Poet and Prince of Castilian Letters Rubén Darío, the Mayor's Office of Managua in coordination with the American University presented the musical work "Darío Épico", in commemoration of the 156th anniversary of the poet's birth.

"Darío Épico" recounts part of the biography and cites his most important works, his nationalist thoughts, highlighting his legacy through his writings, the work was interpreted by 30 artists, from the theater company Cara o Sol and the musical group Liberarte .

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado together with Doctor Félix Palacios, President of the Board of Directors of the University, highlighted the honor and pride of paying tribute to the National Hero and Procer of the Cultural Independence of the nation.

"We celebrate the birth of our famous poet Rubén Darío, this rescue of memory so that future generations know his legacy, is a permanent effort of our Central Government that is paying tribute at the national level, today we join forces with the American University, to start the Dariana Day with this work that lasts about 45 minutes and is performed by 30 artists”, said Rueda.

The work was directed by 3 directors, the teacher Elvin Vanegas in dance, Julio Cruz in theater and Eduardo Martinica in music.

Doctor Palacios thanked the municipality for working together on this tribute, "today we honor the birth of our great poet, we want to thank the Mayor's Office of Managua for this cultural, literary twinning, which exalts the name of our National Hero who with his His works reached the entire world, the literary revolution transcending all borders, like the Father of Modernism”.

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