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Dariana Day 2023 with presentation of the literary work of the poet Brenda Martínez

With the presentation of the literary work of the poet Brenda Martínez, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua began this Tuesday, January 17, the Dariana Day, in commemoration of the 156th anniversary of the birth of the poet Rubén Darío.

Honoring the Father of Modernism and great defender of Nicaraguan sovereignty, this presentation was held in Las Madres Park, where the group of poets from the capital, together with the municipal authorities chaired by the Secretary of the Council Jennifer Porras López, met to read and listen to the poems that the author wrote in her three literary works.

Porras explained that the presentation of the books is part of many activities that the Municipality will carry out in all districts, to honor the Prince of Castilian Letters.

"We are beginning the great day that the Managua Mayor's Office will carry out in all the neighborhoods, in all the libraries, in all the schools, to pay tribute to the legacy of our poet, who from his writings promoted nationalism and love for the homeland, with this great day we join the 153 mayors of our country, Mayors of Citizen Power, in this tribute in a fraternal, harmonious and jovial way, together with the families”, highlighted Porras.

The poet Brenda Martínez was grateful to the capital's commune that, through the Historical Heritage Department, offered her support in the presentation of the books.

“There are three books that I am presenting: one Naked, the other Dressed, the third Naked, Dressed and between the Veil. As I was saying, each one has different things: Naked, because for the first time I was emotionally naked; Dressed, because I had many deaths around me; the other Naked, Dressed and Veiled, because she was no longer naked, she was no longer dressed, but wrapped in a veil”, explained Martínez, regarding the interpretation of each of the three works.

Likewise, she mentioned that in the three books there is love, heartbreak, sadness and mourning, because unfortunately she has been surrounded by mourning, her parents and brothers, husbands, niece, left for another plane of life.

Martínez, in addition to writing poetry since her adolescence in the 80s, was one of the founders of the Nicaraguan Film Institute INCINE, being one of the first producers of national cinema and founder of the group "Poetas en Órbita".

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