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The 2023 school year begins at the Child Development Centers of the Municipality

On the morning of this Monday, January 16, a total of 560 infants who are cared for by the 12 Child Development Centers (CDI) of Managua, began their 2023 School Cycle in a completely improved school environment, thanks to the Annual Investment Plans ( PIA), developed by the Municipality in each of these care centers.

These Child Development Centers are part of the support provided by the Good Government to families, through the capital commune since 2015, with the collaboration of the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and the Ministry of the Family, with highly qualified teachers. qualified to care for children between the ages of 1 and 5, who are received from Monday to Friday from 7 in the morning to 4:30 in the afternoon, informed the Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the visit by the San Antonio Child Development Center, located in District II.

"This support has been valued with great affection, from the parents of each one of the children that we have here, in this District II in the center that we are present today, we have 88 boys and girls, as of today we are with the emotion of welcoming them on their first day of the 2023 school year”, said Rueda.

Part of the attention and education that children who attend these centers receive are: attention in early stimulation, control of the growth and development of the child, food, preparing them for their insertion into the educational system, in the regular primary school.

"Today they start, we are all willing to give them love, affection and contribute to their teaching, apart from taking care of them, we comply with the Ministry of Education program where they start first, second and third level, ready for first grade," she said. Rebeca Salgado, Director of the San Antonio Center.

Each of these centers have a comfortable infrastructure adjusted to the needs of minors, they have a kitchen area where they are provided with breakfast, lunch and a snack, there is also a play area, bathrooms and also classrooms where they have a time for teaching, which contributes to the well-being of the pampered of the home.

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