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Capital markets start School Fairs

This weekend the School Fairs began in the 8 markets of the capital, as announced by the municipal authorities together with the merchant associations in the Wholesale market, during the tour this Friday, January 13.

The merchants guaranteed the supply of all school materials, to guarantee the entire month of January to the parents of families products at affordable prices.

Jorge Luis González, President of the Nicaraguan Market Merchants Association, reiterated the commitment to continue working in coordination with the Municipality, to guarantee the dynamism of the economy and affordable prices for the benefit of families.

"We are calling on the entire population to come to the markets, we have supplied our sections since December to guarantee all school supplies, from footwear to notebooks, we are prepared to meet the demand for this school season, we plan to sell about 700 million córdobas, in this first quarter of the year,” said González.

With these fairs, parents will be able to purchase combos with 20, 30, and up to 40 percent discounts. The combos include shoes, uniforms, backpacks, and even notebooks, with prices ranging from 1,200 to 1,500 córdobas.

Marisol Rodríguez, who has been working in the wholesale for 15 years, explained that the prices of the uniforms will have discounts, depending on the amount that parents buy.

 "The prices of school supplies vary according to the brand and size, we have shoes for 200, 300 and 400 córdobas, pants range from 120 to 180 and backpacks will maintain the same price as last year, notebooks can be purchased at 20 córdobas for little ones and university students at 420 a dozen, a combo of clothes, backpack and shoes can cost from 1,200 to 1,500 córdobas, at that price we will make a discount of up to 40 percent, thinking of those parents who have more than two children," Rodríguez added.

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  1. Roberto Reyes
    January 13, 2023

    Excellent initiative for the citizens of Managua and magnificent work of progress. Congratulations.


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