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Residents of the capital can now acquire the Bearing Sticker 2023

The Citizen Attention Centers and district delegations of the Managua Mayor's Office already have the Bearing Sticker corresponding to the year 2023 available to taxpayers, according to what was expressed by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during a press conference, the morning of this Thursday, January 12.

Likewise, he explained that the Sticker has 13 types of categories and rates, ranging from 50 to 1,000 córdobas, depending on the type of vehicle. Motorcycles have a fee of 50 córdobas, light vehicles 100 córdobas, taxis and vans for commercial use 125 córdobas, minibuses 150 córdobas, buses 300 córdobas and 400 córdobas trucks that weigh less than seven tons, heavy construction equipment 800 córdobas and 1 thousand córdobas for trucks of more than 12 tons.

The Bearing Sticker is a municipal tribute, which authorizes you to circulate on the road network of the capital and the rest of the country, a payment that contributes to the execution of road improvement projects in the city.

From this Monday, January 9 to March 31 of this year, vehicle owners have to comply with their tax obligation, in addition to district delegations and Citizen Service Centers, a mobile post will be set up in the main parking lot of the National Stadium Sovereignty.

To acquire the Sticker, copies of the identity card and vehicle circulation must be presented, in the particular case of retired people they are exempt from this municipal tax.

During the conference, Vice Mayor Armas reported that the retirees and pensioners of the Managua municipality will be cared for until the first week of February of the year, to provide them with better comfort, during office hours and in accordance with the provisions of the Law. 160, in its articles 4 and 5, which exonerates them from the payment of Tax on Taxes and Property and Real Estate (IBI).

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  1. john lopez
    January 20, 2023

    Where can I buy the bearing sticker here in Managua?


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