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Merchants from the capital markets celebrate successful sales

On the last weekend of the year, the merchants of the Roberto Huembes market together with the municipal authorities confirmed the successful sales planned for the end of the year for the Christmas holidays, during a tour of this popular shopping center.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales highlighted that at least 220,000 people visited the Oriental market, as of December 20.

"There are good sales of products for dinner, here we are where chicken is sold at a very favorable price and also in the area of chiltomas, tomatoes, vegetables for dinner on December 31, we are seeing a very good dynamism, in the Israel Lewites, Iván Montenegro, Oriental, Wholesale, Peripheral markets, in all capital markets," Armas said.

The sales forecast for this last fortnight managed to meet expectations, reaching 3 thousand 200 million córdobas sold, as reported by Jorge Luis González, President of the Association of Market Merchants of Nicaragua.

"We are going to continue boosting our economy, our markets are the lungs of the country's economy, this year was successful thanks to the investment that our Good Government made in the 8 markets and next year it will be even better, because more are coming projects to improve working conditions,” said González.


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