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Storm Drainage and Road Improvement Work is carried out in the Gracias a Dios Region

Residents of the Gracias a Dios region in District I will be the new beneficiaries of a storm drainage and road improvement project.

This work was supervised on the morning of this Wednesday, December 21, by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who explained that the first stage of this project contemplates the paving of 3 blocks and pedestrian platforms, as well as the construction of storm drainage, by installing of 242.67 ml of drainage pipes, which will reduce a critical point due to flooding in the municipality.

Also, more than 55 linear meters of tunnel box, 13 meters of gutter, with 6 quadruple inlets, 3 concrete manholes and 3 paneled brick, among other works, are being built.

The improvement has an investment amount of 15 million 320 thousand córdobas and is part of the 122 works that were projected at the beginning of the year, to be carried out through the Winter Plan 2022, to which 23 more emergency projects were incorporated, in the month October, after the passage of Hurricane Julia.

Thanks to these efforts, the Municipality has managed to significantly reduce critical points and identify and monitor existing ones, going from 133 in 2009 to 55 critical points.


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