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District III entrepreneurs finish technical training

A total of 54 entrepreneurs from District III were trained in different modalities by the Managua Mayor's Office in coordination with INATEC, as part of the Creative Economy strategy that promotes Good Governance throughout the country, to prepare and empower workers at their own expense, who received their certificates on the afternoon of this Wednesday, December 21.

During the delivery of certificates, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales explained that during the last quarter of this year the Municipality in coordination with INATEC gave 5 courses in small business management, basic accounting, cost and budget for small businesses, crafts in foami and decoration of events, all the participants are from the different neighborhoods and regions of District III.

Armas stressed that these courses aim to promote small merchants and producers in neighborhoods and regions, providing them with training to help them improve their products, so that their businesses are profitable and self-sustaining.

"These courses have been promoted to support self-employed workers, today 54 diplomas are delivered to fellow entrepreneurs from District III of Managua, who have been trained in the business management course, cost and budget, crafts in foami and paper, as well as the event decoration course”.

Constant training for entrepreneurs is part of the Creative Economy strategy, which has allowed many families today to have better service standards.

“These training strategies are important to us, because they are knowledge that we are going to put into practice in our daily lives. I am dedicated to pig culture and empirically I have a lot of knowledge, but technically we did not know much, however, now we are going to work better in such a way that we continue to grow and can continue contributing to the national and family economy”, said the protagonist Maria del Carmen Zelaya.

Last year the Mayor's Office of Managua fully trained 145 protagonists, in capacity building courses and economic entrepreneurship, accompanied by technical education and psychosocial counseling.

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