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Central Park, the most Christmassy in all of Nicaragua

Representatives of the Nicaraguan Institute for Municipal Development (INIFOM), recognized the Central Park of Managua, located in the historic Plaza de la Revolución, as the most Christmassy park in all of Nicaragua, on the night of this Saturday, December 17.

The recognition was received by authorities of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, who enjoyed a cultural act and the presentation of the Christmas video of the Capital.

The Mayor, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, expressed that the objective is to grow the city, transform it, modernize it, but always conserving the cultural heritage.

“All of Nicaragua is beautiful and we do our best, each work team so that the family can come to enjoy and we see how each of the family places fills up, from the smallest to the largest enjoying all this color that was prepared with a lot of love and affection for all the families” said the Mayor of Managua, Compañera Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, is always painted in Christmas colors on the main avenues and roundabouts, where thousands of families from all over the country visit the places with Christmas decorations and lights.

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