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Merchants from the Iván Montenegro market inaugurate collection of solid waste

Municipal authorities together with the merchants of the Iván Montenegro market, inaugurated the new solid waste collection center, on the morning of this Friday, December 16, after taking a tour of this shopping center to learn about Christmas promotions.

During the tour, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado explained that the project was carried out to guarantee the workers of this shopping center better sanitary conditions.

"We continue working to improve market conditions, today we are inaugurating a solid waste collection center which is guaranteeing 12 new jobs, the work has an investment of 5 million córdobas and will benefit 1,676 merchants," Rueda reported. .

He also stressed that the work has an area of 228 square meters of construction and is part of the projects that the Municipality executed this year in the markets.

"We appreciate the confidence of merchants in the strategies promoted by our Good Government, thanks to that confidence we continue to improve conditions in the 8 markets, this year we made a significant investment of more than 80 million, this is the second collection that we have inaugurated and in In the next few days we are going to inaugurate a new shed that is being built, for the dairy sector here in this market”, added the mayor of the capital.

The collection has a capacity to store 400 cubic meters and will be attended by 12 workers.

Manuela Escalante, who has worked at the Iván Montenegro for 25 years, thanked the Sandinista Government for the construction of the new storage facility.

"It is a great honor for me to give thanks for this project of love, of health with which we are going to provide better conditions to our buyers, we thank our Good Government, which is the one that thinks about the improvement of us merchants," he said. escalante.

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