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Authorities of the Good Government reopen the "National Sovereignty Stadium"

With a solemn act, on the night of this Friday, December 16, the name of the House of the Perfect Game was reopened, as "National Stadium Soberanía“, which represents the supreme sense of National Value, Honor and Glory.

This event was attended by authorities from the Municipality, the Nicaraguan Sports Institute (IND), the Ministry of Youth, members of the Nicaraguan Baseball Federation and great Stars of King Sports in Nicaragua.

“A very special day where all the people of Nicaragua unite in this celebration and the best word that defines us is Sovereignty, sovereignty for all our acts, sovereignty in our hearts, sovereignty in our walk that unites each and every one of us as a Nicaraguan family. We celebrate this very special moment and we ask God to continue accompanying us on this walk of blessing, on this walk of asking him for more every day, in this very special moment that is approaching as it is the month of December, the month of unity, of faith, of prosperity,” said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

This has been the best sports construction in the history of Nicaragua, with a capacity for more than 15 thousand spectatorswhere families can enjoy this sport. 

The construction of this monumental stadium, one of the best in Latin America, was carried out with the measures established by the Major League Baseball (MLB). 

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