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Municipality starts Ecological Houses Pilot Project

With the aim of promoting environmentally friendly measures and habits, the Managua Mayor's Office began the pilot project "Ecological Houses", which consists of providing houses in the urban sector with 3 systems: a rainwater harvesting system , a family garden and a composter (to process made organic material).

The pilot project was launched this Friday, December 9, in the Villa Jerusalén urbanization of the Bismarck Martínez Program, where 100 homes will benefit.

This delivery was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, who explained that this project is totally free for the protagonists and is guided by the Good Government.

“This very important project is directed by the government of Commander Daniel, with the aim of providing families living in the new urbanization of Villa Jerusalén with access to water, tools and seeds to produce legumes and vegetables at home for self-consumption. With family orchards, the project provides a free water tank, a composter to produce organic fertilizer, and seeds for an orchard,” said Armas.

Installing and promoting these systems in the houses of the protagonists of the project, is part of the environmental preservation plan of the municipality of Managua 2021-2026. The launch of the project was carried out with 4 protagonists who already have all the systems installed.

"I have always said that what is donated, given or borrowed must be taken care of twice as much and we are committed to taking care of and improving all this that our Good Government is giving us, thanks to this project we will have water to irrigate the plants and for domestic use”, expressed the protagonist Zaida Castañeda.

Lizbeth Velásquez is also one of the beneficiaries of the "Ecological Houses" and she, together with her family, feels grateful for all the tools they gave her.

"We are grateful to our Good Government for taking us into account and benefiting from this project, just the water tank costs a fortune and the compost is worth more than 100 dollars and we are all going to have one, now we can move the fertilizer manually It's easy, we just turn the tank and that's it,” Velásquez said.

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