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Families from the fourth stage of the Hialeah neighborhood inaugurate road improvement project

The 906 families that live in the fourth stage of the Hialeah neighborhood will celebrate the best Christmas parties of their lives, with the new streets that the Managua Mayor's Office built through the Annual Investment Plan, in this District I.

The road improvement project had an investment of a little more than 7 million cordobas and benefits almost 5 thousand inhabitants.

When delivering the work of the Common Good to the community, Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales explained that with this project the fourth stage of the neighborhood achieved a scope of more than 30 covered blocks, some with hydraulic concrete and others with asphalt.

"We are celebrating with the population the construction of 3.5 new blocks of asphalt, in this neighborhood the government of Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario have already built 28 blocks of new streets, storm drainage has been improved and we have delivered 29 decent homes," Shared Weapons.

The work also built a storm drainage system that did not exist, which installed a little more than 75 linear meters of pipes for rainwater, 3 manholes, 2 inlets, 328 linear meters of sidewalks and curbs, plus 3.5 lining. new blocks of streets with asphalt.

Pastor Roberto Avilés Herrera, who is one of the founders of the neighborhood, has lived in the fourth stage for 35 years and he, together with the community, thank the Good Government for the new streets.

“These streets are the best Christmas gift that our community could receive, we are grateful to our municipal authorities, because today we live very well, we must recognize the work that the Mayor's Office does to keep the city clean, beautiful, here where one goes look at a beautiful park, the clean streets and that is a blessing”, highlighted the protagonist.


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