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Central American Volleyball Top in Managua

For the second consecutive year, the Managua Mayor's Office held a friendly Central American volleyball match in the Mini and Sub19 categories for men and women. This meeting took place on the courts of the Nicaraguan Sports Institute and included the participation of El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The tournament was inaugurated by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, the Mayor of Montes de Oro, Luis Alberto Villalobos and the Vice Mayor Laura Chávez, who accompanied the Costa Rican delegation, an event that took place from 02 to 04 December.

Mayor Rueda, when welcoming the delegations, highlighted the importance of holding these sporting events.

 “And in this friendly meeting I am sure that you will recognize each other a little more, to know and recognize each other as athletes. Our admiration, our respect, our affection for each of you, thank you for trusting, thank you for being in our country. This meeting is part of the effort made by our Good Government, our President, our Vice President and all of us as mayors and different institutions, that make these international meetings possible, this volleyball match is the third that we have carried out this year”, stated Rueda.

For his part, Vice Mayor Armas shared with all the delegations the ongoing work being done to strengthen and promote this sport.

"These are already the closing activities of the year, of a very important year for Nicaraguan volleyball, winning important medals in international tournaments and we do not doubt that you, our Leonas de la Alcaldía de Managua team, our Leonas de la Alcaldía, also and for Of course our Leoncitas are also going to give an excellent demonstration”, affirmed Armas.

Luis Villalobos, Mayor of Miramar, Montes de Oro, Costa Rica, the location of one of the teams in the contest, expressed that they are prepared to star in a dignified representation of their country.

“In this beautiful and beautiful country of Nicaragua, here in this beautiful city of Managua. Also, there are other disciplines that are being developed in other gyms (in Managua), a special greeting to all of them, we are ready to give our best”, he mentioned.

During three days, 150 athletes gave their best, to be crowned champions, among the participating teams were Spiker from El Salvador, Santa Bárbara and Montes de Oro, both from Costa Rica and representing Nicaragua were Las Leonas from the Mayor's Office of Managua and the Panthers team.

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