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New warehouse opens in the Oriental market

Every week, authorities from the capital make visits to the municipal markets, as part of the citizen power model and direct communication with the merchants, to guarantee the execution of development programs and projects.

This Friday, December 2, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, visited zone III of the Oriental market, where a new shed was inaugurated in the banana sector, as well as the maintenance of the existing shed structure, with an investment that exceeds 2.5 million córdobas, thus guaranteeing better working conditions for the 96 merchants in this sector.

Mayor Rueda, delivered the work in an atmosphere of joy and festivity, together with the merchants and expressed that this new shed joins the 20 projects that are being carried out this year, in the 8 municipal markets, with an investment of 80 million of cordobas.

Likewise, he explained that in this area of the Eastern market, 2 projects were carried out, one for road improvement and the other for sanitary sewerage, which included the renovation of 530 linear meters of sanitary sewerage, with 90 household connections; in addition to carrying out the asphalt resurfacing of 36 blocks that were in poor condition.

For their part, the merchants expressed their satisfaction with the work carried out, because it provides them with security and protection, a more beautiful space with more life, in times of rain and sun they will no longer be outdoors, as expressed by the protagonists Guadalupe Ortiz and Xiomara Sevilla.

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