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Emergency project is carried out in the San Sebastián neighborhood

With the aim of eliminating a flooding point in the San Sebastián neighborhood, the Municipality is executing an emergency project that benefits 22 leading families. The storm drainage work is carried out to mitigate the damage caused by the passage of Storm Julia, in this area of the capital.

During a tour to evaluate the progress of the mitigation work, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado explained that three emergency projects are being carried out in District II.

"Here in the San Sebastián neighborhood, more than 22 houses are flooded, to eliminate that point of flooding and protect the land from erosion and runoff, we are installing 118 cubic meters of gabions, the work has an investment of 270 thousand 914 córdobas, In addition to this work, we have two similar projects that are being carried out in the Carlos Núñez and Batahola Sur neighborhoods,” shared Rueda.

The commune of the capital had planned 122 storm drainage projects for this year, but as a result of Storm Julia, 23 additional storm drainage projects are being carried out to solve the damage caused.

"In total there are 145 drainage projects that we are going to carry out and that was possible thanks to the political will of our Central Government, which through the transfer of resources made it possible for us to carry out the 23 additional works simultaneously," he stressed. the mayor of the capital

Rolando Lobos Salas, is one of the residents who suffered flooding in his home and he, along with the other residents, thanked the Municipality for the immediate response.

“All the families that live here feel grateful to our Good Government, because all these houses were full of water, but with this project that ended, thank God, the water is not going to get in again,” said the protagonist.

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