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Reinforcement of the slope in the El Arroyo channel of the Altagracia neighborhood

Prioritizing the attention to the affectations caused by the passage of Storm Julia, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua builds a section of slope in the El Arroyo channel of the Altagracia neighborhood, to guarantee safety and well-being to the families of this community of District III .

The work consists of the construction of a confined masonry protection wall, with plan quarry stone, with an investment of 3 million 876 thousand 238 córdobas and is expected to be completed in 3 weeks.

The progress of this project was supervised by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, who shared that this is an emergency work, which is incorporated into the projects of the Winter Plan 2022 and whose objective is to reduce the risks and vulnerability of families in critical points. .

"Within our planning this year we had 122 storm drainage projects, but we added 23 mitigation projects due to the passage of the hurricane and today we are at each point simultaneously attending to these damages we had," added Rueda.

He also highlighted that, in the last 13 years, the critical points in the capital have been significantly reduced, going from 133 in 2009 to 55 last year and the goal is to have none.

Armando Espinoza, a resident of the sector, expressed his gratitude to the Sandinista Government, because the attention they received was from the first moment.

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