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Inter-institutional Commission carries out Official Launch of the Christmas Season

A few days after celebrating the December festivities, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua in coordination with Good Government institutions, held this Monday, November 21, the official launch of Christmas promotions and discounts on all products from the 8 markets of the capital , with the aim that families come and take advantage of the good prices that will be offered for six weeks, as well as the variety of traditional items.

It began in the Roberto Huembes market, followed by the Oriental market, the Israel Lewites market and the Wholesale market, where products for the celebration of La Purísima, Christmas and New Year's Eve can now be purchased, at prices within the reach of the pocket, shared Compañero Freddy Casco, General Director of the Municipal Corporation of Managua Markets (Commema).

To ensure that the celebrations in December are a complete success, an inter-institutional commission was created, made up of INTUR, INIFOM, MEFCCA, EPN, Creative Economy of Nicaragua, the Association of Merchants of the Managua markets, the National Police and the Municipality. .

Starting this weekend, different activities will be carried out for the recreation of families, such as the offer of tourist packages at affordable prices, cultural festivals, gastronomy festivals, contests for the best Purísimas, Altars, births of the Child God at the municipal level, the The most beautiful and Christmas-like parks, the cleanest and most beautiful markets and sections, Christmas nursery competitions, the contest for the oldest house in the history of our town, traditional businesses, Black Weekend festivals in all municipal markets, the tastiest fried food, the most pure aquatic, carnivals and parades of Christmas floats, among others.

"Thank you for the visit, for that love for our markets, that work that we have been doing with the institutions, this was not seen before, we are more than grateful to our Good Government because we are boosting the economy of our markets with that bonus, with all the programs that are being worked on, those Christmas discounts that we are going to have in the 8 markets of Managua and we are already prepared to receive the families”, affirmed Jorge González, President of the Association of Merchants of Nicaragua.

The Secretary of the Managua Council, compañera Jennifer Porras López, thanked the women and men merchants, the institutions for working together in the restitution of the rights of families, "from the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, for us it is a commitment to be able to accompany our merchants and families with security, the cleanliness of our shopping centers, here we find everything at prices of solidarity”.

María Cristina Balladares, merchant of the Israel Lewites market, assures that before December 7, a discount of 20 and 30 percent will be maintained on the traditional products of La Purísima, "we will be reducing all plastic products and toys, if they buy large quantities like 100 or 200 units, the discount percentage will increase, we want to move the product and we know that if we give a good price, people will come to buy”.

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