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Municipal markets ready for the Holiday Season

The merchants of the Managua markets are already ready with the offers and discounts of the products of the December season, for which reason they invited Nicaraguan families to visit these popular shopping centers, which provide them with security and low prices.

The announcement was made known during the visit that Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado made to the Iván Montenegro market, as part of the accompaniment and direct communication with the merchants.

"Here they make combos, they fit the pocket of each one of the brothers who visit our markets, how these shopping centers have changed, families have come to buy their products since November, for the whole family and we guarantee with the National Police and the Ministry of Health the safety of the thousands who visit our 8 markets”, affirmed Rueda.

He also shared that the commitment of the Good Government is to continue developing projects to improve the conditions of the municipal markets and explained that this Friday the construction of a shed will begin in the "Las Cuajaditas" sector; in addition to the construction of a new collection for the proper management of solid waste.

Discounts on products for the La Purísima, Christmas and New Year festivities are maintained, the merchants affirmed, "we have different prices, of all styles and sizes, here people do not leave without buying."

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