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Decent Housing Program builds an emergency home for an elderly mother in District IV

With the objective of preserving the life and safety of the protagonist Daysi Petrona Ramírez Mendoza, the Good Government built her new home as an emergency, through the Decent Housing Program in the Santa Rosa neighborhood of District IV of the capital.

The protagonist is elderly, she is 72 years old and in recent days the roof of her house collapsed due to the rains caused by the passage of Storm Julia, at the time of the mishap a paddock hit her head, putting her life at risk. life.

During the handover of the house, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado reiterated the commitment of the Central Government to immediately resolve emergency situations that affect families living in vulnerability, while highlighting the transformations that have been made in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, thanks to the different projects that the Municipality has executed in this neighborhood to meet the demands of families.

"We have been attending little by little to the different demands that families in this sector have, with Doña Daysi's house being number 63 that we deliver here in the Santa Rosa neighborhood, the neighborhood is so large that we have divided it into three sectors and all its streets are fully serviced, with all the basic services that the population demands for their well-being and safety,” said Rueda.

Also, he explained that from 2009 to 2022 with the Annual Investment Plan, a little more than 30 million córdobas have been invested in this community, with storm drainage works, sanitary drainage, road improvement and decent housing.

Doña Daysi commented that God heard her requests, “Papacito Lindo look how I am, to my Good Government to send me to build a decent house, I walked with the beds from one side to the other, until the house fell, but thanks to God and my President, Compañera Rosario, who sent me angels, within half an hour they were already helping me”.

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