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Approved the Municipal Budget 2023

For more projects for the citizens of the capital, on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 10, the Managua Council unanimously approved the General Budget of Income and Expenses of the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua for the year 2023.

"Today we are celebrating another year with the families of the municipality of Managua, approving the Budget for the year 2023, a historic budget of 8 thousand 719 million 497 thousand córdobas, that is the political will of a municipal government articulated with the National Government to carry well-being and safety of families”, reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

For District I, the 2023 Annual Investment Plan plans to carry out 33 projects with an investment of 43.3 million córdobas, 41 projects to be executed in District II with an investment of 884 million 463 thousand 806 córdobas, the investment for District III will be 808 million 504 thousand 334 córdobas, through which 36 projects will be executed through the Infrastructure Department, 19 projects by the District Delegation.

In District IV, It is planned to execute 27 projects with an investment of 700 million córdobas in infrastructure works, among other works, the budget for District V plans to invest 730 million 964 thousand 20 córdobas, through which 49 infrastructure projects will be executed, to District VI will invest 405 million 209 thousand 854 córdobas, with which 49 infrastructure projects will be executed and for District VII it contemplates a budgetary investment of 780 million 620 thousand 927 córdobas, through this budget 39 projects will be executed by the General Directorate of Infrastructure and 19 for the district delegation.

The capital official stressed that the Municipal Budget was made in consensus with the inhabitants of the different neighborhoods in the Presentation of the Preliminary Project carried out in the district councils and among the main projects are Road Works, Streets for the People Program, Bismarck Martínez Program , Storm Drainage Projects, Sanitary Drainage and city cleaning.

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