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Primary students learn the importance of the environment at the Lake Xolotlán Floating School

For the second consecutive year, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua with the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), carried out this Wednesday, November 9, the didactic experience of the Floating School with elementary students from Managua, through a journey by Lake Xolotlán, to learn about the proper management of solid waste and its impact on the body of water.

The ¨Floating School¨ project is inspired by the Japanese experience implemented with great success by the Shiga prefecture, more than 40 years ago aboard a learning ship called ¨Uminoko¨ and aims to raise the levels of environmental awareness of the students of the municipality for the care of the lake, promoting actions and skills in favor of its preservation.

The tour of Lake Xolotlán was attended by Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, "we are going to sail here on the Momotombito boat, together with the brothers from the JICA Cooperation Agency and 4th grade children who are going to participate in this class in situ, we will also be showing you the Wastewater Treatment Plant in the city of Managua”.

Armas, shared that this program continues as part of the experience of decades ago in Japan, at the same time he reiterated the gratitude on behalf of the Good Government to the JICA Cooperation, "now with this beautiful Managua that we have, our children with the collaboration of them, they can navigate and get to know our natural beauties”.

"We are very happy that we can transmit our lesson and experience, through this Floating School to Managua, that is our joy, that boys and girls are seeds of the future, that they learn the protection and conservation of the environment," said the His Excellency Ambassador of Japan in Nicaragua, Mr. Nakamura Kazuhito.

During the day, 192 children from the second generation of environmental brigades (4th Grade) participated, from the schools: San Sebastián, Solidaridad, José Ramón Suárez, Tomás Borge Martínez, Barrilete de Colores and Benito Juárez from the municipality of Managua, who received classes theoretical and practical with didactic material and at the same time they deepened their knowledge with reading, discussion and scientific experiments on the boat, promoting good practices and daily habits for a respectful and supportive behavior towards Lake Xolotlán.

Present at this environmental activity were the Representative of Jica in Nicaragua, Mr. Tomoyuki Odani, the Director of Planning of the Municipality, comrade Juana Vargas, and the Director of Environmental Management, comrade Mauricio Díaz.

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