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The Streets for the People Program advances in the capital

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado visited the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood of District V this Wednesday, November 9, with the aim of supervising the execution of the Streets for the People 2022 Program, which to date is advancing by 96,67%, with 907 new blocks.

In the Carlos Fonseca neighborhood, 7 new blocks are paved, with an investment of 2 million 733 thousand 744 córdobas, guaranteeing the well-being and future of 625 families in this community.

With this work, the access roads in the area are improved and contribute to public health, by reducing puddles and dust caused by the poor condition of the dirt roads.

During the visit, Mayor Rueda expressed that the commitment is to continue working for the people, "every day we monitor the progress of the projects we execute, with our budget in each of its components, this morning we are in the neighborhood Carlos Fonseca, where more than 4,623 brothers and sisters live, we have been little by little advancing in the care of the streets of this community and today we are finishing this work of 7 blocks of asphalt coating”.

Likewise, he explained that this work was carried out in response to the demand of the population, expressed in a community assembly, where the priority was attention to the streets; He also highlighted that in this neighborhood the Good Government has built 21 solidarity homes.

The very happy residents expressed their joy for the progress in their neighborhood, "my intention was to see the tractors, but I lost my vision, I cannot see, but I am feeling them with my feet, very grateful to the Mayor, the Good Government, Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, we are very grateful”, said Don Pedro Pablo Reyes.


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