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Revetment work on the Domitila Lugo riverbed

This Friday, November 4, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated the IV and final stage of the Domitila Lugo riverbed lining project, a work for the Common Good that eliminates a critical point in District IV and improves the living conditions of the 1 1,305 families living in this area of the Capital.

For this fourth and final stage, 150 linear meters of riverbed were lined and a pedestrian bridge was built to join the Domitila Lugo and Santa Clara neighborhoods, with an investment of 12.6 million córdobas.

The work was delivered to the families of the capital, by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, in a family and community environment.

“An extraordinary effort has been made every year, putting the Domitila Lugo neighborhood in our Annual Budget, we had many things to do and we have made a lot of progress, we need it, because this neighborhood is the largest we have in District IV, we have come constantly attending to the lining of 400 linear meters of the channel, right now we are already, thank God, in the IV and last stage”, reported Rueda.

Likewise, he announced that, in the last 12 years, the Municipality has invested 85.9 million córdobas in this community; improving the living conditions of the 6,189 inhabitants of this community, through road improvement works, storm drainage, sanitary sewage, and the construction of 37 decent homes.

The inhabitants expressed their gratitude and satisfaction with this work that guarantees safety to the families of the sector, as stated by the resident Karen Zambrana.


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