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Bismarck Martínez Program delivers 300 lots to new protagonist families in the Villa Esperanza Urbanization

Ratifying once again the commitment of the Sandinista Government to combat the country's housing deficit and bring well-being to the people of the capital, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, through the Bismarck Martínez Program, delivered on the afternoon of this Thursday, November 3, 300 lots in the Villa Esperanza Urbanization, for a total of 1,500 lots granted to date.

“We are delivering 300 lots to families that are no longer going to pay rent, families that starting today are starting to build their new home, here in Villa Esperanza, the government of Comandante Daniel is going to deliver 4,500 lots in total, we are talking of 20,000 people who are going to live here in this area, between 2022 and next year 2023, this year we are going to deliver 2,000 lots and the next 2,500 more”, shared Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, during the act of delivery.

Armas, announced that the Bismarck Martínez Program has already delivered 3,100 homes in the Villa Jerusalem and Villa Flor de Pino developments, and for the next five years the Municipality, with the support of the Central Government, is going to deliver 20,000 homes and lots to families who are applying to this program.

Ana María Rosales, mother of 4 children and who works as a domestic, thanked for the opportunity that God and the Government gave her to have her own land.

“Many times we thought that it was not going to be a reality, but thanks to our Good Government, our Commander Daniel and Compañera Rosario, these achievements have been given, the opportunity that has been given to the most humble, because those people who have been renting today in day we are happy, we will have something of our own, more comfort,” said Rosales.

Don Justo Urbina Zamora, also joined in the joy and stated that he had spent many years waiting for this opportunity, "I feel calm, so I am not renting, I am going to start building, we hope that these programs will continue and move forward with Commander and the Companion in our beautiful Nicaragua”.

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  1. November 7, 2022

    To leave a request for the houses of the Bismarck Martinez project when they receive requests again?


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