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Merchants of the Mayoreo market inaugurate Works for the Common Good

To the rhythm of philharmonic music and with a lot of merriment, the wholesale market merchants together with the municipal authorities inaugurated two projects that come to modernize this capital shopping center.

The first project is a road improvement that covered 11 new blocks of streets, accompanied by storm drainage and sanitary drainage works, the second project was the reconstruction of the Los Chayotes and Las Calalas shed, both projects have an investment of 14 million 500 thousand cordobas.

During the inauguration ceremony of the works, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado explained that the streets were built through the Streets for the People Program, while the warehouse was rebuilt with the Annual Investment Plan.

“In this work we made an investment of 14 million 500 thousand córdobas, of the 11 blocks, 7 of them are made of hydraulic concrete and 4 blocks of asphalt coating. In the internal part of the market, 9 blocks were covered and in the external part 2 blocks, on the periphery next to the neighborhood.

Rueda explained that, with this, the Wholesale now has three entrances and exits, and it is intended to build a fourth entrance in this market. With these new works, more than 24,000 Nicaraguans who visit this shopping center daily and more than 248 merchants benefited.

During this 2022 the capital commune invested a little more than 80 million córdobas in the 8 markets of Managua.

The merchant Griselda López, who has been working in this market for 37 years, expressed her gratitude to the Sandinista Government for this project.

"Thanks to our Good Government, the Commander and Compañera Rosario who are always supporting us merchants, these streets are a great thing because they not only come to improve the place where we work, they come to modernize the entire market, I work here I was surprised how beautiful the Las Calalas warehouse turned out, this will improve sales and boost our economy,” said López.

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