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Mayoress of Managua visits Road Improvement Project in District I

As part of the commitment to work with the families of the capital, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado made a supervision visit to the road improvement project that is being carried out in the Plaza España neighborhood of District I.

“We are accompanied by the families of the Plaza España neighborhood, who in 2017 had a demand for sanitary sewerage, right now in August we delivered that project, we are talking about more than 1,300 linear meters of pipes installed, 137 families connected to the sanitary drainage, with a investment of more than 5 million córdobas”, announced Rueda.

The mayor of the capital added that today they are delivering 4.5 blocks of asphalt coating, restoring the right for families to travel safely, with an investment of 6 million 762 thousand córdobas and is part of the emblematic Streets for the People 2022 Program.

The project at this point in the capital will directly benefit 1,424 inhabitants, more than 250 beneficiary families, "we have happier families and they demand more because they have confidence in their Mayor's Office, because these works are coordinated with our Good Government Rueda said.

He also highlighted that the Annual Investment Plan in this District I is being complied with and progress is being made at a good pace with the Streets for the People Program for this year 2022, which has progressed by 94.78 % with a total of 889.37 completed blocks. .

"I receive it delighted, very happy, because this neighborhood did not have that project and it has come after 30 years, thanks to our Good President, our Compañera Rosario, we have some streets that we can now travel, the children will now be able to go out and play," said resident Wendy Carter.


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