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Artistic Festival “Unity for Prosperity”

On the afternoon of this Saturday, October 29, the artists of Managua expressed their support for the candidates of the Alianza Unida Nicaragua Triunfa, headed by the FSLN, in recognition of the support provided by the Sandinista Government to culture in its different expressions.

The manifesto was made at the Artistic Festival "Unity for Prosperity", organized by the Association of Dance Artists and had the participation of more than 15 artistic groups, including the folkloric ballets Haydée Palacios, Macehuatl, Tepenahuatl, Quetzalnahuatl , Artenahuatl, Tlakaltepetl, Mestizaje, Askaxochtl, Tierra Mestiza, América de Nicaragua and Nicarahualt.

This event was attended by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales and the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

Rueda, ratified the commitment of the Good Government to continue advancing in the promotion of culture; through the expansion and improvement of cultural houses, community museums, libraries, monuments, theaters and communal houses; as well as the construction of 7 museums and 31 schools of culture.

"We as the Managua Mayor's Office, as the Sandinista Front and the United Nicaragua Triumph Alliance, are going to continue working together hand in hand with God, strengthening our culture and today we are going to enjoy this artistic night with a lot of love," said the mayor of the capital.

For their part, the artists expressed their support for the winning formula, "it is our way of expressing ourselves, dance, each one brings the best of their repertoire, through this magazine they will see how the groups have progressed," said Mrs. Blanca Guardado, director of the Tepenahuatl Folkloric Ballet.

The teacher Iván Alí Escobar, President of the Association of Dance Artists, stated that the Leonel Rugama Movement and the Municipality's Directorate of Culture have promoted culture in the neighborhoods of the capital, "each neighborhood has a dance group, a music group, that has been the product of the promotion and support that the Mayor's Office has given to national, emerging artists and that is why we are supporting the excellent work that Reyna Rueda has been doing, and the Vice Mayor.”

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