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Capital markets prepare for the holiday season

The merchants of the markets of Managua have great expectations and have already announced discounts and offers on all the products of the holiday season, where families visit these shopping centers to celebrate La Purisima, Christmas, New Year, as well as such as graduations, baptisms, weddings and other activities in this month of the year.

The announcement was made known during a visit made by the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales in the Oriental market, as part of the direct communication and articulation with the merchants, where he also verified the prices and supply of the different products.

"How happy to come to the Oriental market and find all the Christmas promotions, we have been able to verify in some of the stores that there are 3 pairs of good quality shoes at 550 cordobas, promotions in pants, shirts, we will have a December with very good sales and for the consumer with low prices, we already found many ornaments to decorate the altar on the occasion of La Purisima, glasses, cups for the cap, also what we give to children and the elderly, they can come from now, "shared Armas.

For their part, the merchants also extended the invitation to families and assured that in the 8 municipal markets they are provided with security and quality care, taking into account all disease prevention measures.

"We have offers all Christmas, garlands at 10 cordobas, lights at 75, 85, 95 cordobas, decorations from 18 to 72 cordobas, we invite the people of Nicaragua to visit Warehouses 1,2,3, because we offer great promotions" said the merchant Anabell Flores.

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