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The Federated Municipal Baseball League begins in its ninth edition

With the participation of 872 players from all districts of the capital between the ages of 6 and 17, the ninth edition of the Federated Baseball League organized by the Managua Mayor's Office began this Friday, October 28.

The sporting activity took place at the Roberto Clemente children's baseball stadium, in the Luis Alfonso Velásquez Flores park. The Mayor of Managua, Reyna Rueda Alvarado, together with the parents, inaugurated this edition in which the children's and youth academies promoted by the capital's government are involved.

Rueda explained that this league began as a pilot project, with the aim of promoting sports in the neighborhoods, "since we started 14 years ago with these projects in the different neighborhoods it has been a success, this program has been received with great enthusiasm the parents who are supporting the different sports academies, this year we have 40 teams participating”.

The matches will take place from Thursday to Sunday, for 4 months, in all the fields where the municipal baseball academies practice.

Noel González, Director of Sports of the commune, stated that the children's leagues are very important for the Central and Municipal Government, because it is from these tournaments that future high-performance athletes emerge, who become part of the national teams.

“The next first division players come out of these leagues. Since this Roberto Clemente little league stadium was inaugurated, with different academies, 14 years ago we started with two baseball academies, now we have 12 academies and the purpose is to continue increasing, since they are totally free, each one is run by prominent former first division baseball players, who are in charge of providing the basic tools of the sport to these children and young people”.

There are 40 teams of children and young people who will compete in 6 categories: Pee-Wee, children "A", children "AA", youth "A", youth "AA", youth "AAA".

Among the participating teams are: Juniors from Georgino Andrade, Gigantes de San Judas, Padres del Dorado, Nuevas Estrellas, Amigos de Clemente, Roberto Clemente, Marines de Villa Progreso, Cachorros, Coirsa, Amiguitos de la 14 Septiembre, Gigantes del Dorado, Astros del Dorado, Los Angeles de los Cedros, Hermanos Rivas, Cachorros Báez and Rocket's.

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