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Managua already has Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

Guaranteeing the right to live in a healthy environment, preserving and conserving natural resources, El Buen Gobierno installed 67 charging stations throughout the country.

As of this week, the installation began and Managua already has 42 posts, which are supplied with solar energy; Likewise, 13 posts were installed in the municipality of Villanueva, Chinandega and 12 in San Juan del Sur, Rivas.

Comrade Salvador Mansell, Executive President of ENATREL, reported that more electric chargers will be installed throughout the national territory, creating the conditions for this new technology that is advancing worldwide and guaranteeing the supply of electricity to vehicles that are acquired or entered on the way to the country.

“Our government has been working step by step in a very organized manner and today at the Central American level a caravan is being carried out to prove from Guatemala to Panama that we can travel in vehicles without using fuel, but based on electric energy, from vehicles that they are charged with electricity, immediately that this activity was organized, Nicaragua has installed, it fills us with great satisfaction to serve our people, where we see an electrical coverage above 99 percent”, shared Mansell.

He also shared that costs are reduced by 30 to 35% compared to petroleum fuels, in addition, that these actions contribute to the care of Mother Earth and the reduction of fossil energy consumption and the incorporation of renewable energies.

Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado expressed that this is an advance of the Sandinista Government, which has come to transform the lives of Nicaraguans into quality and safety.

“Today is a glorious day, of blessing, of good news, we are talking about significant progress, about a joint effort of our Good Government that Commander Daniel and our Vice President, Compañera Rosario, wisely direct, a country that is advancing to the transition from electric mobility and the institutions and mayors join forces for the well-being of the entire population, we are already a country that at the Latin American level is in that transformation effort”, added Rueda.

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