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Capital authorities give continuity to the Citizen Consultation Process with residents of the districts of Managua

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power continues with the "Citizen Consultation Process, through direct democracy with residents of districts VI and VII, where the municipal authorities presented the Draft Income and Expenditure Budget for next year.

The budget for the entire municipality of Managua is projected at 8 thousand 949 million 136 thousand 751 córdobas, of which, 83,62% corresponds to capital spending and 16,38% to current expenses; that is to say, that the majority of the budget amount is earmarked for investment in projects and programs that contribute to the well-being of families in the capital.

During the presentation to residents of District VI, the Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales, announced that in this district it is expected to execute 30 projects in 2023 and it is planned to invest more than 400 million córdobas in works for the neighborhoods, "we are going to have the construction of a pedestrian bridge, asphalt recarpeting, new streets and we are going to continue with the decent housing program, works of benefit for the community in this 2023, by orientations of our Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario, instructions of our Mayor Reyna and recommendations of the companions of the neighbourhoods”.

For District VII, the Municipality contemplates a budget investment of almost 800 million córdobas for 2023 and the execution of 39 projects by the General Directorate of Infrastructure and 19 by the district delegation.

Likewise, the Municipal Consultative Council was completed with residents of the 7 districts of the capital.

“We have a very special town hall, in which the brothers from all the neighborhoods of Managua, citizens in general, can participate. During these two weeks we have traveled through all the districts, meeting with the associations, with the young people, with the elderly. , with the unions, but today we close the councils precisely with this activity, listening to the concerns of all the brothers and sisters who could not attend any of the previous days”, added Armas.

The Mayor of the capital shared that the concerns raised will be incorporated into the Preliminary Draft of the Municipal Budget, which, already being the 2023 Municipal Budget, must be approved in the coming weeks.

Doña María Estela Pavón Ramos, a resident of District VI, was one of the residents who participated in this town hall and, in addition to listening to the projects, also expressed her concerns and proposals to improve the well-being of families in her neighborhood.

"Because in previous councils we requested the repair of the platforms and today we come to thank you for fulfilling that dream come true, which means that they take us into account."

Julio César Méndez, from the Francisco Salazar neighborhood of District V, described the work carried out by the Municipality as excellent, “on the 6th to vote in box two, so that we have more projects, more progress at the national level, we have had streets, courts , Street lighting".

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