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Capital cemeteries ready to commemorate All Souls' Day

A few days after paying homage to the Faithful Departed, this November 2, the Good Municipal Government already has all the cemeteries it administers ready, as reported by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado during a tour of the General Cemetery.

Rueda explained that the attention provided by the commune to cemeteries is permanent throughout the year and in the months of May and October there are overtime shifts to maintain green areas, prune trees and eliminate mosquito breeding sites. that arise at this time of year.

"This effort to attend to the cemeteries we do permanently, we are practically already giving the final touches, in the road signs of the main streets, we eliminated mosquito breeders, we prune the trees, we gave maintenance to the green areas and the luminaires that were in poor condition, they were already taken care of by ENATREL”, informed the capital official.

Also, he added that all the necessary coordinations were made with other State institutions, to guarantee that on November 2 the attendance of visitors to the cemeteries is fluid and safe.

"In all the cemeteries we will have a MINSA post, from the firefighters to attend to the thousands of brothers who will visit their relatives, only here in the General Cemetery the visit of 700 thousand people is expected and the National Police will be guaranteeing road circulation in the established perimeters, we to guarantee the maintenance and attention due to all the cemeteries, in our Investment Plan there is an allocation that goes from 600 thousand to more than a million córdobas, that depends on the cemetery, this is the largest that we have, it has 39 blocks, a million brothers and sisters rest here,” added Rueda.

The special cleaning and maintenance days began simultaneously, 120 workers worked in the General Cemetery, from Monday to Sunday in two shifts, while in the Eastern (Peripheral) Cemetery the cleaning day lasted 21 days and was carried out with a crew of 20 operators, working from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon.

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