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Decent housing benefits a family affected by the rains

In response to the emergency caused by the passage of storm Julia, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua built a new Solidarity House for the family of Mrs. Jessenia Lissette Ampié, a resident of the Ciudadela Nicaragua neighborhood, of District VII of the capital.

Vice Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales attended the official delivery of the keys, who stressed that this is home number 13 that is delivered to the same number of families in this community.

“Thank God we are making progress in this month of October and now the compañera is going to be able to close this winter with a safe roof, with a safe little house, which the worker brothers of the Mayor's Office put up between 5 and 7 days and that from Today she is going to be able to enjoy herself with complete peace of mind,” said Armas.

The protagonist was grateful for the support provided, because from the first moment she experienced difficulties due to the rains, she was assisted by the family cabinets, as well as with the construction of her home.

“My house fell, with the fall of a tree, some things were recovered, but life is the most important thing, because God gave me double what was lost and I am happy with the President and Compañera Rosario , grateful because it is a Good Government that we have and we are moving forward”, said Ampié.

The Solidarity Housing Program was born in 2009, to provide immediate care to Nicaraguan families living in precarious conditions and vulnerable to natural disasters; During this period, the Sandinista Government has built 13,000 homes in the municipality of Managua, guaranteeing immediate and timely attention to families in a critical social emergency.

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