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Citizen Consultation Process with residents of the districts of Managua

The Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, began this Monday, October 17, the citizen consultation process, to inform the residents through the consultative councils, the preliminary draft of the General Income and Expenditure Budget and the Annual Investment Plan (PIA ) 2023, once it is consulted and enriched with the contributions of the population, the final budget will be drawn up, which will be approved by the Municipal Council before the end of the year.

The direct democracy process was presided over by the Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, the Deputy Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales and the Secretary of the Council of Managua, Jennifer Porras López, together with the residents of districts I, II, III, IV and V, where the attendees exposed their most sensitive demands and priorities.

For this year 2023, the Preliminary Project of the Investment Plan has an estimated total income of 8 thousand 949 million 136 thousand 751 córdobas, which represents a significant growth in relation to the previous year, which was an amount greater than 7 thousand million Córdobas, informed the capital authorities.

Each district plans to execute different projects for the benefit of the community. Mayor Rueda explained that in District I 33 projects are planned with an investment of 43.3 million córdobas, while in the infrastructure portfolio 43 projects will be carried out, with a little more than 206 million córdobas, among other works.

The budget investment for District II will be 884 million 463 thousand 806 córdobas, with which 41 projects will be executed through the Infrastructure Directorate, 19 projects by the district delegation, 55 human development projects and 11 environmental projects; in addition to maintenance works for storm drainage, decoration and the road network.

In District III, 52 infrastructure projects will be carried out, with an approximate investment of 522 million córdobas, of which 19 projects will be carried out by the district delegation, 30 by the General Directorate of Infrastructure, 2 by the General Directorate of Projects and 1 by the Decoration Department; in addition, 55 human development projects and 11 environmental projects.

For District IV, the execution of 27 infrastructure projects, 11 environmental projects, 17 district projects, 52 human development projects, as well as road works, storm drainage, riverbeds and ornamental maintenance, with an investment that will add more than 600 million córdobas.

Also, in District V, 696 million 440 thousand 935 córdobas will be invested in 49 infrastructure projects, of which 20 will be executed by the district delegation, 29 by the Infrastructure Directorate, 52 human development projects, 12 environmental projects, including cleaning public and maintenance of road works, pluvial drainage, sanitary sewage system and ornamentation.

The residents were satisfied and grateful for the progress that has come to their neighborhoods, as stated by the protagonist Maria Cecilia García, inhabitant of the Rigoberto López Pérez neighborhood, "really, the Mayor's Office has restored the rights as our good model of government has sued for the restitution of the rights of Nicaraguans, the demands are being met to the letter and we are working together”.

Meanwhile, Mr. Javier Pavón, a resident of the Máximo Jerez neighborhood, highlighted the good work of the Mayor's Office, in recent years, "the Mayor's Office in the neighborhood has done an excellent job with the patching of the streets, the garbage and the news that it is going to inject a larger budget seems excellent to me, because there are always needs”.


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