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Merchants of the Israel Lewites Market celebrate their 43rd anniversary

To the sound of marimbas, rhythmic bands and the game of a cake, merchants and building authorities celebrated the 43rd anniversary of the founding of the Israel Lewites market, on the morning of this Friday, October 21.

The event was chaired by Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, Comrade Freddy Casco, General Director of COMMEMA, and representatives of the Merchants Associations of the capital markets.

“We celebrate restitution of the right to travel through a safer market, with a better environment that has been transforming every year, through infrastructure projects, storm drainage, road improvement with our Annual Investment Plan, we are talking about 43 years that the As families, we celebrate this restitution of rights with great pride,” said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

The capital official shared that this year the municipal markets had an investment of more than 80 million córdobas and for the next period it is planned to execute more than 76 projects in the 8 markets, which shows the change that these shopping centers have had. , through articulation and direct communication with merchants.

During the celebration, awards were also given to the founding merchants of this shopping center in the capital.

“Our market was born in 7 Sur, later by our government we were brought here, the Israel market was formed, it was small, today we have progress in our market, it has spread, there is the project of fish, meat, it is progress ours”, said one of the founders of the market, Mr. Carlos Medrano Núñez.

The Israel Lewites market has an area of 8 blocks and houses more than 1,193 fixed sections and 270 temporary ones, in addition to a bus terminal that travels to the West of the country.

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