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Streets for the People builds an alternate route in Villa Reconciliación Sur

The inhabitants of Villa Reconciliación Sur in District VI, celebrated with art and culture the construction of 6 new blocks of road network, which were paved thanks to the Streets for the People Program.

The road improvement project has an investment of 3.5 million córdobas and benefited 1,599 protagonists, the work for the common good came to improve the lives of the residents, because it eliminated a critical point due to flooding in times of rain.

When delivering the project to the community, the Secretary of the Municipal Council, Jennifer Porras López, explained to the protagonists that the streets are a new alternative route, which joins the Larreynaga Track with Camino Solo, two highly trafficked corridors at rush hour in District VI .

 “Villa Reconciliación Sur is a neighborhood that for many years has had many achievements and many blessings. The streets for the people are a program of love. We deliver this afternoon these streets that have been longing for more than 30 years to have better living conditions, these 6 blocks are a new alternate route that is connecting two main roads such as Larreynaga and Camino Solo, in addition to being a new alternate route , with these streets a critical point that we had here due to flooding was eliminated”, said Porras.

Don Saturnino Rizo, a resident of the neighborhood for 30 years, recalled that over the years they have managed to have drinking water 24 hours a day and streets in excellent condition to be able to walk.

 “This work is a great success thank God. We were patient and everything is in its time. We thank President Daniel Ortega, who has been promoting many projects in the neighborhoods, and all the team at the Mayor's Office, who really see that they are coordinated to help each other,” Rizo said.

Douglas Pastrán, also arrived in the neighborhood 30 years ago and for his family the streets are a solution to the problems he had, to get his son and his mother out, "I feel happy, because with these streets that the Mayor's Office made the life of My family has changed, I have a son with a disability, he uses a wheelchair and I couldn't take him out, now I can take him out for a walk and my mother uses a cable car, even if it's a little walk he can get out and before that was impossible”.

With the delivery of this project to the community, this emblematic has an advance of 93.24 percent, managing to serve today a little more than 874 blocks served out of the 976 planned for this year.

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