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Storm drainage works and road improvement in the Esquipulas region, Los Vanegas

With the presentation of rhythmic bands and a cultural act for the enjoyment of families, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua inaugurated on the afternoon of this Wednesday, October 19, an important mitigation work in District V, through which vulnerability was reduced of families due to flooding in the winter season.

This work consists of the construction of the storm drain and expansion of this main street that connects the Sabana Grande region with kilometer 12 of the highway to Masaya.

"We have a storm drainage and road improvement work, which was done through the construction of a bridge box that measures a little more than 3 blocks, that reduces the vulnerability of the area, but above all it eliminates a critical point here in the area of Los Vanegas”, reported Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado.

 He also added that the work for the common good restores the rights of more than 4,000 inhabitants and 15,000 students from the Pablo Antonio Cuadra school, who had the problem of moving through the sector, "here we started with the first stage last year with an investment of 15 million córdobas, now we have completed the work with an investment of a little more than 40 million córdobas”.

For their part, the families stated that the work brings them joy and prosperity, "thanks to our Good Government this has been prospering little by little and we are moving forward, a dream come true for the children and the community," said the protagonist Roger Pereira .

Don Justo Carlos Rivera, expressed that before the streets were impassable, because they were dirt roads, "with this new project, which is super big, we are grateful, the Mayor's Office has done good work in the Los Vanegas sector."

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