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Municipality delivers garbage deposits to the Barrilete de Colores school

In commemoration of the World Ecology Day that was celebrated on October 4, the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua delivered deposits for solid waste to the Barrilete de Colores school, located in the Colinas del Memorial Sandino neighborhood, this delivery is part of a strategy that the Municipality carries out to promote environmental education in the community of each neighborhood or region.

Upon handing over the deposits, along with teaching materials and 100 plants for reforestation to the school authorities and the environmental brigade, Deputy Mayor Enrique Armas Rosales explained that two years ago he started the "Floating Schools on Lake Managua" project, through which has been working in 6 schools, to encourage the student community the proper management of solid waste and the formation of environmental brigades that promote the defense, care and protection of the environment.

He also confirmed that environmental brigades made up of 115 children have been formed in the 6 schools, "we are with the elementary school children on a very important day, guided by President Daniel and Compañera Rosario, this day is important because we continue to clean our municipality , the city and Lake Mangua, 6 schools are participating in this project to which we have delivered 120 plastic containers and 15 barrels”.

The Director of the Barrilete de Colores school, Martha Dávila Valerio, reported that this study center has a student population of 900 students and that the brigade collects and classifies solid waste every day after recess.

"We are grateful to the mayor's office for including us in this educational project, which allows us to educate the child, after the recess they collect the garbage and classify it into organic and inorganic, they also do it at home because here we have a big bag that It is already full of plastic bottles and they brought the bottles from their homes to fill it, the children without realizing it are learning and reproducing the habit of protecting the environment,” added Dávila.

Marcela Murillo, 10 years old, has been part of the environmental brigade since last year and currently organizes free time to protect the natural resources around her, "I joined the brigade because we all have a duty to take care of natural resources and not contaminate them, we must take care of the water, because water is life for everyone, that is why we must collect the garbage so that it does not contaminate”.

The Floating Schools project promotes and disseminates environmental education in the José Ramón Suarez schools in the Ciudad Belén urbanization, Tomas Borge in Villa Dignidad, Barrilete de Colores in the Memorial Sandino neighborhood, and Benito Juárez in the IV stage of the Hialeah neighborhood.

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