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Decent Housing Program emergency builds a new home in the Alexis Argüello neighborhood

The protagonist Hazzel Alexander Herrera Orozco and his family were benefited by the Decent Housing Program, in the Alexis Argüello neighborhood of District VI. This new home was built as an emergency by the Mayor's Office of the Citizen Power of Managua, because the rains and winds caused by the passage of Storm Julia caused their home to collapse.

Today Don Hazzel will live calmly and safely with his family, made up of his wife and 4 children, who have had difficult times every winter, said Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado, during the handover ceremony.

“Very happy celebrating with Don Hazzel's family, we will remember the problems we have had in the Alexis Argüello neighborhood, it is one of the smallest in District VI, however, we have been little by little attending to families. These housing solutions are part of the care for families who have lived for years in vulnerability, here in the neighborhood we made a project that now we have fewer problems in winter times, we have also provided these Decent Homes to 10 families, in this effort of our Good Government”, said Rueda.

Likewise, he announced that the progress of the PIA in this District VI was successful, with all the works completed 100 percent, 26 projects were executed with an investment of a little more than 37 million córdobas.

And with the Special Plan of Streets for the People, in the second semester 27 more blocks were built, for a total of 88 new blocks in more than 25 neighborhoods of this district.

“Happy now, before the house was made of zinc and wood, quite deteriorated, I already feel happy for the help, giving thanks to God, Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosario Murillo, the support of my neighbors who did not leave me alone, when I needed it most, the attention was immediate, the next day I already had everything”, said the beneficiary excitedly.

The delivery of the house was accompanied by the community, who enjoyed the presentation of folk dances, clown animation, face painting and medical care with free medicines.

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