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Presentation of the Preliminary Project of the Municipal General Budget of Income and Expenditures 2023

This Friday, October 14, Mayor Reyna Rueda Alvarado presented the Preliminary Draft of the Municipal General Budget of Income and Expenditures corresponding to the year 2023, with a projection of 8 thousand 949 million 136 thousand 751 córdobas.

During this presentation, Mayor Rueda explained that the budget proposal corresponding to the year 2023 has a higher projection than that of this year 2022 and is the result of the trust that the people of Managua place in the building administration of the Citizen Power.

Likewise, the Council of Managua approved the calendar of the Consultative Councils, where the population will be able to offer their contributions, with proposals for projects for the common good.

The councils will begin on Monday, October 17, on the field of the Máximo Jerez neighborhood of District I; on Tuesday, October 18 at the TELCOR District II court; on Wednesday, October 19 at the Melania Morales school in District III; on Thursday, October 20 at the Gabriel Master Institute of District IV; on Friday October 21 at the school September 14 of District V; on Monday, October 24, at the Enrique Flores school in District VI and on Tuesday, October 25, at the Villa Libertad school in District VII, all starting at 4:00 in the afternoon.

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