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Leaders of Faith will work for the future programs of the citizens of the capital

As part of the meetings being held by the winning formula of Mayor, Vice Mayor and Councilors, of the FSLN Alliance "United Nicaragua Triunfa", with the different social sectors, they met with the Evangelical Leaders of District I and V, to present the Plan Managua 2023-2027, which includes actions and lines of work, to continue on this route of restitution of rights and continue guaranteeing better living conditions for families in the capital.

“Thank God that allows us to meet, to have this exercise of direct practice with families, communities, sectors that are the protagonists of a new history, of a transcendental change in our city, thanks to these organizations, they are a fundamental pillar, that are found in each of our neighborhoods, are protagonists of our plans, projects, works, it is there where we bring together all the religious sectors that are working hand in hand with this revolutionary project, through the streets, amphitheaters, which are They are going to build so that they have those spaces where they can transmit that message of peace, of love, that Christian message,” said the Secretary of the Managua Council, Jennifer Porras López.

Pastor Eduardo Cedeño shared that they support all the programs of the Mayor's Office of Managua, of the candidates for Mayor, Vice Mayor, Councilmen, "as pastors we are willing to work, all united in Managua, Nicaragua, we are to bring that word of peace, of love, of tranquility to all Nicaraguan citizens, we have seen all the benefits for the different neighborhoods”.

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